Interior spotlight LED. Dedicated to direct connection to 3 – phase track 230V 50/60Hz. No driver required. Adjustable beam direction.

Standard: Ra ≥ 80, power factor >0,96, casing colour: white, clear cover.

Options: Ra ≥ 90, any light like FOOD, FISH, GOLD, GOLD + MEAT+, FRESH MEAT ART, FASHION, TINGE, EXCITE and body color, cover: translucent/milky/without, DALI system/other.

ModelPowerProtection degreePower supply Luminaire lmEfficiencyLight colourAngleDimensions
VERTO-190-22-G22IP20230VAC2 100952 50025°110x120x190
VERTO-190-22-C22IP20230VAC2 2001003 00025°110x120x190
VERTO-190-22-D22IP20230VAC2 4501104 00025°110x120x190
VERTO-190-30-G30IP20230VAC2 850952 50025°110x120x190
VERTO-190-30-C30IP20230VAC3 0001003 00025°110x120x190
VERTO-190-30-D30IP20230VAC3 3001104 00025°110x120x190


Product sheet

All light distribution charts available in download area.

Electrical and luminous flux data provided in the technical sheets may differ from real values by ± 10% due to constant technological advancement influencing performance of luminaires’ components.