Indoor LED downlight for ceiling installation. Housing made of steel sheet, painted in white. High-polished aluminium reflector with two angle beam. Lamp chamber with LED module covered with PMMA diffuser.

Standard: LED module PCB with CRI≥80, over 50 000 h lifetime.

Options: LED’s with CRI≥90, different colour of light, any colour of housing (RAL), diffuser: opal, central frosted, without glass; dimming DALI system or other.

ModelPowerIP degreePower supply Luminaire lmEfficiencyLight colourAngleDimensions
TUZAR-K-60-12510-D10IP20230VAC1 1001104 00060°125x125x150
TUZAR-K-90-12510-D10IP20230VAC1 100110400090°125x125x150
TUZAR-K-60-17510-D10IP20230VAC1 100110400060°175x175x150
TUZAR-K-90-17510-D10IP20230VAC1 100110400090°175x175x150
TUZAR-K-60-17520-D20IP20230VAC2 200110400060°175x175x150
TUZAR-K-90-17520-D20IP20230VAC2 200110400090°175x175x150
TUZAR-K-60-23020-D20IP20230VAC2 200110400060°230x230x150
TUZAR-K-90-23020-D20IP20230VAC2 200110400090°230x230x150
TUZAR-K-60-23030-D30IP20230VAC3 100105400060°230x230x150
TUZAR-K-90-23030-D30IP20230VAC3 100105400090°230x230x150


Product sheet

All light distribution charts available in download area.

Electrical and luminous flux data provided in the technical sheets may differ from real values by ± 10% due to constant technological advancement influencing performance of luminaires’ components.