Technical ceiling LED luminaire. Available version WCR with built-in integrated high frequency motion and dusk sensors. Motion sensor – field of detection: 360° (horizontal), 180° vertical, timer range: 3 sec. to 12 min., motion sensor range: 8 m, sensitivity range: 3-2000 lx.

Standard: casing colour white, IP 54, IK 10, II protection class.

Options: any light and body color.

ModelEANPowerProtection degree Power supply Luminaire lmEfficiencyLight colourAngleDimensions
without motion and dusk sensors
RONDO-12-W-D590619073251412IP54230VAC1 2001004 000180°ø305 x 10(H)
RONDO-20-W-D590619073255220IP54230VAC2 0001004 000180°ø305 x 10(H)
built-in integrated high frequency motion and dusk sensors
RONDO-12-WCR-D590619073259012IP54230VAC1 2001004 000180°ø305 x 10(H)
RONDO-20-WCR-D590619073263720IP54230VAC2 0001004 000180°ø305 x 10(H)


Product sheet

All light distribution charts available in download area.

Electrical and luminous flux data provided in the technical sheets may differ from real values by ± 10% due to constant technological advancement influencing performance of luminaires’ components.