Road LED luminaire of two chambers construction. Housing and mounting bracket made of die-cast aluminium. Diffuser of clear hardened glass, closing the lamp chamber to IP66 protection degree. Mounting on side, or post top entry arms with a diameter of 48-60 mm, with adjustable angle ±15º. e directly accessible.
Available range of different drivers.

Standard: Removable LED module with special optics, CRI≥70, average, 100 000 h lifetime. RAND-XX-NR – models with dimmable driver (1-10V or DALI). RAND-XX-E, RAND-XX-NR – models without hardened glass.

Options: LED’s with CRI≥80, different colour of light, any colour of housing (RAL), different wall mounting brackets, light and movement sensor.

ModelPowerProtection degreePower supply Luminaire lmEfficiencyLight colourAngleDimensions
RAND-35-E-D35IP66230VAC3 6001004 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-47-E-D47IP66230VAC4 7001004 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-58-E-D58IP66230VAC5 8001004 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-55-NR-D55IP66230VAC7 3001304 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-75-NR-D75IP66230VAC9 0001204 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-95-NR-D95IP66230VAC10 5001104 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-55-NR-G-D55IP66230VAC7 3001304 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-75-NR-G-D75IP66230VAC9 0001204 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-95-NR-G-D95IP66230VAC10 5001104 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-75-N-D75IP66230VAC8 7001154 000140° x 80°600x115x174
RAND-95-N-D95IP66230VAC10 5001004 000140° x 80°600x115x174


Product sheet
All light distribution charts available in download area.

Electrical and luminous flux data provided in the technical sheets may differ from real values by ± 10% due to constant technological advancement influencing performance of luminaires’ components.