We manufacture high quality LED lighting luminaires built mostly out of our own aluminium profiles. Other components, such as drivers, LEDs, DALI control equipment and connectors come from reputable suppliers, e.g. OSRAM, TRIDONIC, INVENTRONICS and STUCCHI. Our factory is located near Warsaw, Poland in the European Union. We guarantee European quality of products, reliable deliveries and are open to export our LED fittings inside and outside the EU.

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We have 20 years of experience in fixture production and implementation of projects in lighting, power, control and management systems including highly specialized applications. We have produced, sold and installed LED lighting for over 10 years, making it one of the most experienced Polish companies in the field.

We offer a complete range of illumination systems tailored to client needs. Our designers work exclusively with proven and renowned suppliers to assure clients energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions while maintaining the highest quality norms and lighting standards. We are uniquely equipped and experienced to handle construction and technology prep as well as design and manufacture of special orders.

Our solutions are ideal for:
• Retail and service facilities
• Roads, highways, petrol stations, parking lots
• Warehouses and industrial spaces
• Public spaces
• Offices, hotels, and hospitals
• Architecture

We offer comprehensive services guaranteeing clients complete support at every stage, beginning with need analysis, lighting measurement and specification,
lighting project concept and design, through manufacture, delivery and installation.

Our services include a stationary as well as a mobile lab enabling fully professional photometric and thermo imaging measurement of:
• Light flux
• Fixture efficacy
• Luminous intensity distribution curve.

Test results are provided in the form of certified reports.


Our manufacturing team consists of passionate electronics, optics and design professionals. Knowledge, multiyear experience as well as cutting-edge software
allow us to quickly implement new products to meet demanding client needs.

Our expert technicians conduct audits to identify areas requiring illumination improvement, calculate achievable energy savings, and present optimum solutions.

Selection of lighting has significant impact on our natural environment. LED technology requires up to 60% less electrical energy as compared to traditional lighting.
This results decrease in electrical energy production and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The materials used in our production process contain no substances
harmful to the natural environment.

We offer 20 years of experience in implementing and production of lighting solutions as well as more than 10 years of experience with LED technology.
Our experience enables us to deliver the highest quality products and requires constant improvement of offered solutions.
The world’s biggest brands have trusted us, including: CITYBANK, BNP PARIBAS BANK, MAKRO CASH AND CARRY, JOHNSON&JOHNSON, TESCO, and GE.



EFL-Polaris had a pleasure to light up the new headquarters of the company Regitra that registers cars in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Our luminaires set the tone for the interior space design. We provided general lighting using lighting systems that blend into the minimalist and industrial style of the headquarters. We highlighted the general design by illuminating the offices with one of our best-selling linear fixtures ZANDER. The silver, sandpaper-polished aluminium surfaces of ZANDERs give the space a rough and modern look that fits in perfectly with the overall vision of the building. In the corridors, we used our recessed downlights DIZAR-T that guarantee homogeneous lighting. This project was prepared in collaboration with the Lithuanian company Nordus.

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The EFL-Polaris decorative pendant luminaires ZANDERCORNER 233 in the shape of rectangles light up The Finnish Museum of Visual Impairment in Helsinki. For this installation EFL-Polaris has designed and produced decorative luminaires to evenly distribute the light over the entire museum space. The light scenarios are controlled by a DALI system that allows the museum to regulate the intensity of light. As a result, the new luminaires ensure optimal lighting conditions for the museum's visitors.
The new lighting project not only enhances an overall view of the museum by creating a pleasant atmosphere, but also increases the visibility of its interesting collection of visual aids, devices, maps and photos associated with the history and culture of the visually impaired in Finland.

This project was prepared in collaboration with the Finnish company Econex Oy.

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The EFL-Polaris decorative pendant luminaires ZANDERCORNER 124 in the shape of squares illuminate the shop for the visually impaired customers in Helsinki. First and foremost, the new lighting project ensures that all display tables, walls and doors are illuminated in the best possible way to enable the visually impaired clients to move around easily and safely. All the fixtures are also equipped with DALI controllers that allow the store owner to set up different lighting scenarios and provide comfortable illumination. Last but not least, the new decorative luminaires create a pleasant atmosphere and give the store a unique character.

This project was prepared in collaboration with the Finnish company Econex Oy.

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Sapa is world leader of aluminium solutions. It specializes in production of  aluminium profiles, building systems and precise pipes.

Sapa is employer for 23500 employee at above 40 counties. The center of Sapa is located in Oslo (Norway).

In Poland there are three production plants. First in Trzcianka, second in Chrzanów and painting plant in Łódź.

To provide lighting we used Izar, Vigo and Solo luminaires.

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