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Sapa is world leader of aluminium solutions. It specializes in production of  aluminium profiles, building systems and precise pipes.

Sapa is employer for 23500 employee at above 40 counties. The center of Sapa is located in Oslo (Norway).

In Poland there are three production plants. First in Trzcianka, second in Chrzanów and painting plant in Łódź.

To provide lighting we used Izar, Vigo and Solo luminaires.


One of the leading car parts distributor in Poland.

Part of international HELLA Group which is one of 40 the largest car parts suppliers in the world. Central Warehouse is located in Natolin near Grodzisk Mazowiecki with surface of 1,5 football playing field.

To provide lighting Izar, Vigo and Solo luminaires (produced by Efl Polaris) were used.

Vecom Poland

One of the leading ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers.

Production plant and warehouse is located in Tomaszów Mazowiecki at Piaskowa 147 street.

To provide lighting we used Vigo, Vega, Solo and Primo luminaires.

Kolejarz Hotel

Modern and comfortable hotel in Ustroń. There are 115 beds, café, restaurant, outside pool, ski lift and SPA available for guests.

Decorative LED luminaires Elipso were used for lighting.


Lighting an area surrounding office building.

LED luminaires Rand were used in the project.

Padma Art

Conference room lighting – Padma Art manufacturing plant.

Decorative LED luminaires Quadrado were used in the project.

Prime Corporate Center

Office building located in Warsaw in Wola district.

Completion of construction – January 2016, total surface -27 000 m2, office space – above 20 000 m2.

Architectual concept – Epstein,

Investor – Glub GetHouse,

General investment contractor – Warbud.

LED luminaires Maro and Izar Basic were used in the project.


Lotos petrol station

Petrol station in Pułtusk.

LED luminaires Petrol Mini were used outdoor while the indoor lighting is provided by Solo luminaires.


Skatepark Łódź

Skatepark in vicinity of Widzew forest near Przybyszewskiego Street and  Czajkowskiego Street intersection.

Łódź Widzew.

For lighting the area we used Vigo LED luminaires.


Aleksandrów Łódzki

Aleksandrów Łódzki.

A town within Łódzkie Voivodship, part of City of Łódź agglomeration.

We provided lighting for rural and urban communities.

To lighten the streets in Aleksandrów we used following LED luminaires: Rand, Vigo i Corono.

Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute

A leading reference center in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, which conducts scientific research and provides specialized medical services for the residents of the central region of Poland.

We chose Solo Clip and Maro LED luminaires to lighten the interior.

Społem – Tęcza, Białystok

PSS Społem Białystok

One of the largest retail centers in the region of Białystok.

In this project we used Solo recessed LED luminaire.

Quick Park

First modern shop center in Mysłowice. Located at the intersection of Katowicka Street and Obrzeżna Północna Street.

Surface of the shop center is almost 16 000 m2. There are about 60 stores, service and foot points in Quick Park. There is a car park with 400 slots.


Efl Polaris produced LED luminaires were used in the project: Quadro, Izar and Shark.