The ELIPSO family of fixtures is designed specifically to decorate and illuminate retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and offices. The simple form, many available dimensions and changes made easily to order, result in attractive lighting compositions with high illumination parameters and energy efficiency. The fixture is made using a square aluminum profile with a satin or milky diffuser. May be mounted using steel lines or wall mounts using special accessories (included).

Standard: Ra ≥ 80, power factor >0,96, casing colour: white, milky diffuser, I protection class.

Options: any light and body color, clear/translucent diffuser, Ra ≥ 90, DALI system/other. II protection class.

Stopień IP
Protection degree
power supply
Strumień oprawy
luminaire [lm]
Barwa światła light colour
Kąt świecenia angle
ELIPSO-46590619073752620IP20230VAC2 2001104 000wideø460 x 100(H)
ELIPSO-77590619073753340IP20230VAC4 4001104 000wideø770 x 100(H)
ELIPSO-107590619073754060IP20230VAC6 6001104 000wideø1070 x 100(H)
ELIPSO-138590619073755780IP20230VAC8 8001104 000wideø1380 x 100(H)
ELIPSO-1705906190737564100IP20230VAC11 0001104 000wideø1700 x 100(H)
ELIPSO-2005906190737571120IP20230VAC13 2001104 000wideø2000 x 100(H)


Product sheet

All light distribution charts available in download area.

Electrical and luminous flux data provided in the technical sheets may differ from real values by ± 10% due to constant technological advancement influencing performance of luminaires’ components.